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Lose to Win Great Shape

Weight loss is the grand daddy of all resolutions. It makes sense too, after all those indulgences committed during relentless partying in the last month. Weight loss involves two steps: healthy eating and exercising. Hence any fad which claims to lose weight without exercise is sheer nonsense. Yes, there are ways by which you can lose weight without exercise, like falling ill with viral fever, getting infected with TB. But, would you like to try it?

However, it’s quite easy to lose track of this goal and become de-motivated if results don’t show up fast.

The Plan

1. Set realistic goals. Any goal in which you intend to lose more than a pound of weight in a week is unrealistic for your health. Avoid it.

2. Stop crash dieting and binge eating. This is a sheer disrespect to your body. Just imagine how many days can you live on boiled bottle gourd vegetable, bland cucumber sandwiches and watery soups. You know the answer and so do we.

3. Consult a nutritionist and prepare a diet plan. Moderation is the key word in every plan.

4. Drink more and eat more to lose more.. Drink more water because starvation masks as hunger, eat more meals so that your metabolism is up and it will result in weight loss.

5. By what time do you wind up your dinner? Try to do it latest by 8, because this will allow digestion to take over before slumber catches up.

6. Sleep for eight hours everyday. Sleep and weight gain are intimately linked. Think of a day, when you didn’t sleep well and that was the day, you had morphed in a caffeine vending machine to keep yourself up and active.

7. Eat breakfast within two hours of waking up. If there is one meal of the day which is non-negotiable then it’s breakfast.

8. Your food should come less from the packages and more from the nature. Revisit your pantry and this time with an eye for the detail. Eat foods that have been cooked fresh and from the scratch.

9. Do not eat before TV, or munch while mindlessly surfing the internet. You can polish off a bag of chips without realizing it.

10. Avoid desserts after dinner or lunch. The rule applies for fruits too. Have desserts as in-between snacks or as breakfast.

Get moving

1. Find a buddy or get a gym membership of a nearby gym. Strive to take the annual membership. You will get a good discount as well as a source of motivation (because you have paid for it) to hit it more often.

2. Your exercise should be a combination of cardio and weight lifting.

3. Stretches like pilates are important to enhance your core-strength. Stretches also help to energize you.

4. Bend it like yoga. Backbends encourage us to open the chest and heart, to inhale deeply — actions that symbolize embracing life. Yogic forward bends are known as youth elixirs. This is because they, like the inverted poses, fight gravity, create an opposite flow of blood that services circulatory routes in our face and head and even the torso that are neglected due to the drag of gravity.

5. Walk or cycle for small errands. Your wallet, health and nature will benefit simultaneously.

6. Take stairs whenever you can. You no longer have to wait for the elevator and you will get a workout.

7. Include workout in your regime. Slot your day around it, but do it.

8. Beat the beaten path of gyms. Pick a sport that can give you exercise. Golf is just perfect in the coming winter months. Try horse riding. It’s a great sport and helps you lose kilos. And swim through the sultry summers.

9. Household chores provide ample exercise. Do it and find the secret of toned bellies and butt.

10. Deep breathe. There can be days when you will feel fatigued. On those days just focus on your breathing. Your stress will go down and you will better.